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Get to Know Alice Zenobia Richmond – Actress Tina Fey and Composer Jeff Richmond's Eldest Daughter

Published Mon Feb 10 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Alice Zenobia Richmond – Actress Tina Fey and Composer Jeff Richmond's Eldest Daughter

Alice Zenobia Richmond is the celebrity kid, born to the famous Saturday Night Live star, Tina Fey and Broadway composer, Jeff Richmond. 

The adorable Hollywood couple welcomed their first child on September 10, 2005. Likewise, Tina Fey's daughter's first name "Alice" is a German origin, which means "noble". Similarly her middle name "Zenobia" is a homage to her loving grandmother, from her mother’s side. The word is borrowed from the Greek language that means "force of Zeus".


Alice is the oldest daughter of her parents and has a younger sister; Penelope Athena Richmond.

Tina and Jeff seem to have a well managed life. It looks like they properly planned their two daughters. As Penelope was born on August 10, 2011, in the United States six years after Alice.

As per her mother Tina Fey, her younger sister Penny is the naughtiest and the funniest of her two daughters. She even stated her little daughter loves chasing people with her finger which she noticed a lot later.

A picture of
Tina Fey taking a photo with her children.
Image Source: Zimbio

Parents Net Worth

Alice Zenobia Richmond is the daughter of a multimillionaire comedian, author, actress, and producer Tina Fey. Her writing and acting skill became the base root of her tremendous success which manifests to an amazing net worth of $65 million.

She earned more than $13 million as a writer of autobiography Bossypants. The book is The New York Times Best Seller originally published on April 5, 2011, and sold over 3.5 million copies. 

Further, Fey is the two times Golden Globes Awards winner for "30 Rock". She alone made $500,000 per episode from 30 Rock for portraying the role of Liz Lemon.

A photo of Tina Fey holding Golden Globes Award.
Tina Fey showing her Golden Globes Awards.
Image Source: Just Jared

Moreover, Alice's father, Jeff Richmond has a huge net worth of $3 million. He is a multi-talented composer, producer, and actor, who has worked in hit comedy series like; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Parents Relationship

Alice's parent is an adorable Hollywood couple, who has set a great example of fidelity remaining together over two decades and still continuing their love life. The duo romantic relationship has been an inspiration for all Hollywood couple.  

Tina Fey and her husband come together for a photo.
Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond caught together on a frame.
Image Source: Direct Expose

Looking back at Tina and Jeff's lovelife, this unbreakable couple first met in Chicago back in the 90s, as she joined The Second City an improvisational theater troupe.

The love birds got close and were comfortable working together under the same theater roof. The pair dated over seven years and got married on June 3, 2001, in the Greek Orthodox style. 

Today the duo life is filled with happiness and prosperity as they are blessed with two cute children.

Butt Show

In April 2018, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Tina Fey, where she has literally talked about her ambitious daughters Alice and Penelope, who are keener into the entertainment industry and their works. She also shares the news of her little princesses working together with iMovie creation on a movies project. 

A picture of Butt Show.
Butt Show presentation.
Image Source: Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel

In short, Fey shows a small video clip of "Butt Show" episode Tush In a Bush, which is created by her daughters, where they flaunt a Jen doll and three barbie dolls.

The clip really showed her daughter's understanding and their capability to present a graphic idea. According to their mom Tina, the kids already syndicated their show to Netflix.

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