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Meet Alexus Whilby - Facts and Photos of Ex-wife of Kyle Chrisley's Wife

Published Sun Jan 24 2021 By Aashika
Meet Alexus Whilby - Facts and Photos of Ex-wife of Kyle Chrisley's Wife

Alexus Whilby became the headline of the media when she got married to Kyle Chrisley. Her former husband is known as the son of Todd Chrisley. She came to the limelight by being a daughter-in-law of Chrisley's family.

She came into this world in 1991, in Georgia, United States. Whilby grew up with a sibling in her hometown. 

She pursued a graduate degree from the University of Oglethorpe and a high-level from Middle Georgia College. 

Let's look at some info about Whilby that some people don't know. 

Net Worth: $300 Thousand

Whilby has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. She makes her income as an account manager. 

Alexus began her professional life in 2014 by serving in one of the company in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, she is working in ALTA Language Service as an account manager.

Her ex-husband Chrisley has an impressive net worth which is $4 million which he accumulated from his acting career. 

In 2014, he made his first appearance in the television series, 'Chrisley Known Best'. Through the show, he earned a considerable amount and later starred in some more series. 

Married Life with Kyle Chrisley 

In 2014, Whilby and Chrisley wedded after having a long-term relationship. They met each other when Kyle was recovering from drug addiction. She is also the one who helped him to get free from drug and gave a new life. 

They were a happy couple but after some years of togetherness, the duo's married life began falling. The pair decided to separate and move on.  

Alexus Whilby taking a selfie with her former husband Kyle Chrisley. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Mr. Chrisley's Previous Relationship

Alexus' former husband, Mr. Chrisley was in a love affair with Angelo Victoria in 2012. They were together for a short time and share a daughter, Chloe Chrisley. The reason behind their break up was his drug addiction and abusing her.

Angelo Victoria and daughter Chole Chrisley.
Image Source: Twitter

Has Sibling 

Whilby has a sister, Amber Pyatt with whom she shared her childhood. They are close with each other and spends quality time. Her sister's personal life is hidden from the media and lives a secretive life. 

Life After Divorce 

Alexus has moved on in her life and has a relationship with a mystery guy. Whereas Kyle Chrisley is dating Ashleigh Celeste Nelson. His current girlfriend is the mother of two children from her past partner. 

They are in a relationship and uploads their pictures on their Instagram account along with love captions. 

Lives in Low Profile

Kyle's former wife is avoiding the limelight after divorce. She is living a private lifestyle away from the media. In fact, she is not active and hasn't had an account on social media. 

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