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About Alexsandra Wright - Canadian Actress Who is The Baby Mother of Mathew Knowles' Kid

Published Tue Mar 09 2021 By Aashika
About Alexsandra Wright - Canadian Actress Who is The Baby Mother of Mathew Knowles' Kid

Alexsandra Wright is a promising Canadian actress who has played many roles in movies and series. She is known for her work in the drama series 'Love Beat The Hell Outta Me' in 2000. 

On 17th February 1971, 'Baby Boy' actress landed into this world whereas her birthplace is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She came into the headline when her relationship opened up with Mathew Knowles.

Here are some facts about Wright to know more closely.  

Current Relationship 

Wright is single about her relationship status. She has been living a happy life with her son. Before it, the actress was engaged to Harvey Walden, a television personality who is a host and actor. He is also a former United States Marine drill instructor and author. 

The couple were in love life for a short period and became fiance but their relationship didn't work which led to the separation. 

Past Love Affair With Mathew Knowles

Alexsandra Wright was once in a romantic relationship with a record executive, Mathew Knowles. 

The two started dating in the late 2000s which lasted for only 18 months. From their relationship, they share a son whereas the child is living with the mother. 

Former Boyfriend, Mathew Knowles. 
Image Source: Tashasay

Mother of One

She is the mother of an only child, Nixon Knowles who was born in 2010. Wright became pregnant and gave paternity tests which confirmed that Mr. Knowles is the father of her child. He features on his mother's Instagram account and is an active basketball player. 

Alexsandra Wright with her son Nixon Knowles.
Image Source: Instagram (@badkitty8888)

Became The Reason for Mr. Knowles' Divorce

Before having affair with Wright, Mathew Knowles was in a married life with Tina Knowles. They exchanged vows in 1980 but Tina filed for divorce in 2009. The reason was when the businessman was cheating with Alexsandra. 

Later, the actress apologized to Mrs. Knowles and her children for the "pain [she] has contributed" to their lives. In November 2011, the couple's divorce was finalized and their children custody is given joint. 

What's Her Net Worth and Earning?

Wright has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand which she has accumulated from her acting career. Her debut was from 'Third Degree Burn' in 1989 which was an uncredited role. 

Later, appeared in the series 'JAG', 'Love Beat The Hell Outta Me', 'Baby Boy', 'My Fifteen Minutes' and so on. 

The actress is cited in the books which are written by S. Torriano Berru and Venise T. Berry. The books are 'The A to Z of African American Cinema' and 'Historical Dictionary of African American Cinema'. She has also covered in the biography 'Becoming Beyonce'.

Active on Social Media

As of presence on social sites, Wright is active on Instagram and Twitter. She has more than 1,423 followers and 26.6k plus followers respectively. She often uploads pictures with her son and family. 

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