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Alexandra Krosney

Published Mon Jun 13 2022 By chanel
Alexandra Krosney

Alexandra Krosney is an American actress best known for her performance as Kristin Baxter in the television series Last Man Standing. Her roles, however, did not endure long, even when they were supposed to last multiple seasons. Her admirers still want her to return to the series eight years after they first saw her as Kristin Baxter in the early episodes of this show.

Alex has been in a number of films and television shows, including NCIS, Criminal Minds, ER, Bones, and Lost, among others. Because the actress wants to keep her personal life private, it is unclear which projects she will be a part of in the near future. 

Early Life 

Her most recent television appearances were in 2015 the films Aquarius, Barely Lethal, and Keith Broke His Leg, and in 2016 a short movie titled Twenty-Three Pints. 

                       Alexandra Krosney flaunting her polka dot dress and a statement hair clip.                        (Source: Alexandra's Instagram)

The Hollywood actress began her acting career when she was 14 years old when she appeared in the first episode of the American television series The Grubbs, and the following year in an episode of the Without a Trace series.


Alexandra Krosney was born on January 28, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, to Mike Krosney and Vanessa Krosney, under the sign of Aquarius. Alexandra Benjamin Krosney was the name given to her by her parents. 

Mike Krosney, an artist, and Vanessa Krosney, a teacher at a local high school, are her parents. The woman who is of Caucasian ethnicity maintains an American nationality and grew up with four siblings.


The actress grew up with her mother watching movies and TV shows, and at the age of eight, she performed in her first school play. She was one of the top two actors in both elementary and high school, and she was also physically active, playing lacrosse and running track while maintaining decent academics.

Being highly sociable, she used to spend time with her friends and went to parties; after matriculation, she opted to focus on her acting career rather than enroll in college.

Voice Actress

Not only in the movies but she has also utilized her voice for success in addition to her movie parts; in 2010, she was cast as Sierra in the animated TV series Transformers Prime (2010-2012).

The 34 years old appeared in three episodes and provided the voice of Stormy/Canary Yellow in the animated television series Rainbow Brite in 2014.

Alexandra Krosney Net Worth

This woman has worked hard for over a decade in order to amass a substantial fortune. So as of 2022, Alexandra Krosney’s fortune is estimated to be more than $1 million.

Various shows and films on which she has worked have paid her generously, including The Last Man Standing, for which she is claimed to have been paid $50,000 to $150,000 each episode.

Acting Career

The performer began her acting career when she was cast as 'Young Lianna Sardo' in the police procedural television drama series 'Without a Trace' for one episode when she was 15 years old. She was featured in a number of television series since then, generally as a guest or special guest. In 2003, she played 'Remy' in three episodes of 'Family Affair,' 'Sissy's Big Fat Moroccan First Date,' 'Miss Turnstiles,' and 'Crushed.' In the following year, she appeared in the medical drama series 'ER' as 'Trina' in the episode 'White Guy, Dark Hair.'

In the next years, Krosney will make a few more special appearances on TV shows. 'Grounded for Life' (episode: 'Tom Sawyer'), 'NCIS' (episode: 'Bait'), 'Bones' (episode: 'The Graft in the Girl'), and 'Numbers' (episode: 'Nine Wives') were among her significant appearances. In 2006, she also played 'Harmony' in the Disney Channel original film 'Read It and Weep.' 'How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller was based on Julia DeVillers' book. 

           In Frame: Alexandra Krosney (Source: Alexandra's Instagram)

In 2007, she starred in the television films Shredderman Rules and 'The Last Day of Summer.' Krosney had a recurring role as 'Rhonda' in the sitcom 'Surviving Suburbia' in 2009. She went on to do voice work in 'Transformers: Prime' and 'Rainbow Brite' after appearing in 'Psych,' 'Medium,' and 'Nikita.' She appeared in television episodes such as 'Criminal Minds' (episode: 'Elephant's Memory,' 'Lost' (episode:'Jughead,' and 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' in the late 2010s.

Krosney was finally offered the main part after a decade of appearing in guest roles or special appearances. In the first season of the comedy 'Last Man Standing,' she played the character of 'Kristin Baxter.' She starred opposite Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, and Dove Cameron in the 2015 action comedy film "Barely Lethal."

Marital Status

Alexandra Krosney is a single lady who prefers to keep her dating life hidden from the public eye; she has never been married, and her personal life has never been revealed to the media. There are also no pictures of her with a guy or a potential boyfriend on social media.

The performer appears to be focusing solely on her acting profession at the moment. She, on the other hand, is an animal lover with multiple pets, including a cat and two dogs.

Why did Alexandra Krosney leave Last Man Standing? 

Last Man Standing, a humorous American comedy, premiered on ABC in 2011 and Its first season was a huge hit for Alex, who played Mike Baxter's oldest daughter named Kristin Beth Baxter until 2012. However, starting from Season 2 and up-to-date, this role was transferred to a different actress, Amanda Fuller

Alex is thought to have been replaced due to her age. Despite the fact that the first season of the program drew over nine million viewers and could be considered a success, the firm wanted to see an older actress in her place.

There are also reports that the majority of this beautiful actress's professional issues are due to character defects. She is said to value her freedom in all of her acts and ideas, which is something that TV crews do not always appreciate.

Internet Popularity

The media star is a bit active on Instagram under the username of @alexkrosney with more than 17.6 million followers which are packed with shots of her dogs and other photos she takes while traveling. Alexandra's Instagram is full of humorous and intellectual postings. In a recent Instagram post, she stated: Much like social media itself, social media serves as a continual reminder of the unavoidable passage of time and the transitory, transient aspect of existence, which is both reassuring and alarming.

                                          Alexandra Krosney with her beloved doggy.                                    (Source: Alexandra's Instagram)

Well, she is also on Twitter, where her official account has around 10,000 followers, although she hasn't posted anything new since February 2016.

Body Measurements

Alexandra is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs 53kg (117lbs), and has a critical stature of 30-24-32 inches. The fact, she wears size 6 shoes and size 2 clothing.

With the help of a diet plan, lifting, and weight in check have been able to maintain a lovely shape. Her eyes are blue and she has blonde hair. 

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