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Alex Honnold Net Worth – Las Vegas Home, Van and Lavish Lifestyle

Published Wed Jul 17 2019 By Akki
Alex Honnold Net Worth – Las Vegas Home, Van and Lavish Lifestyle

Alex Honnold is an American free solo wall and mountain climber, who has a massive net worth of $2 million by the age of 33. He accumulated such a huge net worth from his career as a rock climber. 

Alex has been subjected to the number of documentary and TV shows, where he has seen in films like 'Free Solo' (2018). He is also the founder of the non-profit environmental Honnold Foundation. 

House in Las Vegas

Alex Honnold owns a lavish mansion in Las Vegas which has a beautiful view of the Red Rock. According to Las Vegas real estate the house cost nor less than $850,000, where the house was brought in 2017. 

Alex Honnold checking his gear on his van.
Alex Honnold taking a picture with his gears in the van.
Image Source: Insta@alexhonnold

Van - Used For Travelling

Honnold has been traveling for more than 12 years on his white color Ford Econoline E150 van, which cost around $21,266. The van is a second home to him, where he traveled to various rock climbing destinations.

Lavish Lifestyle

Alex Honnold is living a lavish life with his career as rock climber, where his life revolves on an adventure traveling different places around the world for mountains and walls climbing and attending programs, events and seminar.

Rock Climber 

Alex Honnold earns cash full of the bag as apart from his rock climbing, where the numbers of Television network and programs are interested in capturing his work and broadcast in their channel. 

According to Zip Recruiter, The average rock climber in Las Vegas earns around $31,820 yearly, where the salary range from $12k to $64k depending upon their experience and popularity.

Alex has set multiple records as a rock climber including being the first person to climbing 3,000-foot El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park without a rope or safety equipment.  

Alex Honnold climbing a rock without a rope.
Alex Honnold got to capture in the camera while climbing the rock.
Image Source: Insta@alexhonnold


Being a renowned rock climber, Alex Honnold has been sponsored by numbers of global leading mountaineering clothing and gear companies including; The North Face, Black Diamond, and Maxim Ropes. He wore a The North Face tuxedo to 2019 The Oscars. 

The companies signed a check of a massive amount of cash as a contract with health insurance and work safety for using their products and accessories.

Movie and TV appearance 

Alex Honnold has been working in the entertainment industry as a part of his profession rock climbing, where he charged a massive income for his act. He is best known for his work on Reel Rock Film Tour (2010), First Ascent (2010), and 60 Minutes (2011).

Honnold was also featured in Oscar-winning movie Free Solo (2018 ), which had a massive the box office of $21.8 million. 


Alex Honnold also collects cash as an author, he is a writer of autobiography genre book 'Alone on the Wall' along with David Roberts. 

The book contains stories of the life and death-defying feats of Alex Honnold, where it was published on October 27, 2015. The book is available online on, where it cost around $15.09 for the paperback. 

Alex Honnold taking a picture of his book for promotion post.
Alex Honnold post the photo of his book on Instagram.
Image Source: Insta@alexhonnold


Alex Honnold has also worked as a cinematographer for three episodes of TV series 'Reel Rock' from 2016 to 2017. According to PayScale the average salary of the cinematographer is $54,000, where they can earning ratio starts from $31,000 to $94,000 depending upon show budget and their skill.

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