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Get to Know Late Alene Akins - Third and Former Wife of Larry King

Published Wed Jun 10 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Late Alene Akins - Third and Former Wife of Larry King

Alene Akins is better known as one of the wives of Larry King who won Emmy award for his work on television and radio as a host. She was the third wife of King.

The ex-couple was married twice with each other and has two children. She was also a former Playboy bunny. Akins passed away on February 3, 2017. 

Let's find out some facts about Akins.

Net Worth Before Death

Before death, Akins's net worth was around $500k which she earned through her ex-husband. She received a sum of amount as alimony and child support. She also collected limited money from her job as a Playboy bunny. 

While Larry King has a whopping net worth $150 million which he amassed through his career as a host on television and radio. He began his work in the year 1930 on the national radio, which was broadcast live weekly from Monday to Friday significantly. Then King joined on CNN which was a breakthrough in his career and soon he programs his show, 'The Larry Kings Show'. 

Martial Life of Alene Akins

Former Playboy bunny, Alene is only the one with whom Larry King got married twice. They exchanged their first vows in the year 1961 and then got a divorce in 1963. After 5 years, Akins and King remarried in 1968 and again filed divorced in 1972. 

Between that period, they became parents of a daughter but King adopted Alene's son who was from her previous relationship.

Alene Akin's Ex-Husband Larry King.
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Ex-Husband's Several Marriage

As we all know that Larry King has got married eight times in his life. He is the husband of the other six women excluding Alene Akins. Below there is the list of his wives and their duration of married life. 

  • Freda Miller (1952-1953)
  • Annette Kay (1961-1961)
  • Mickey Sutphin (1964-1967)
  • Alene Akins (1961-1963 and again 1968-1971)
  • Sharon Lepore (1976-1983)
  • Julie Alexander (1989-1992)
  • Shawn Southwick King (1997-present)

Has Two Children 

From her marriage with King, she gave birth to a daughter named Chaia King in 1869 who is now 51 years old. Chaia is known to the author who has co-written a book called "Daddy Day, Daughter Day" along with her father. She has also three half-siblings from her father's sides named Chance Armstrong King, Larry King Jr., and Cannon Edward King. 

Likewise, Akins is the mother of one son, Andy King who was from her past relationship but adopted by Larry King. He lives in a low profile and away from media. Andy is very close to his sister and shares a good bond with her.

Alene Akins's Death 

After a divorce also King and late Akins remain a friend. When she passed away in February 2017. Larry twitted on his Twitter account and express his grief. 

Larry King twitted on Twitter about his ex-wife.

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