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10 Facts About Albert DePrisco

Published Wed Dec 23 2020 By Aashika
10 Facts About Albert DePrisco

Albert DePrisco is well known as a famous American Jeweler as well as an actor. He grabbed the limelight after marrying popular actress and author, Lisa Niemi. 

DePrisco was born on the 30th of August,1955, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. We came to know that his father's name is Francis DePrisco and his mother's name Marie DePrisco. He grew up with his sister Donna E. DePrisco. 

Let's find some amazing facts about DePrisco:

What's His Net Worth?

Albert DePrisco is the owner of a huge turnover worth $40 million. He has earned most of his money and fame from his jewelry shops. Apart from his shops, he has talent in acting skills too. 

His source of income is from a reputed jewelry shop, "AM DePrisco Wellesley". It is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts which has been running since 1995. Its band is famous for making diamonds and other expensive jewelry. 

Like this, the shop has a branch in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts, and Cape Cod in Osterville, Massachusetts. 

Married Life with Lisa Niemi

The jewelry businessman DePrisco is married to Lisa Niemi who is an American dancer, author, and actress. The pair met for the first time through a common friend and felt a strong connection. 

Eventually, on 28th December 2013, the couple got engaged.  After a year on 25th May 2014, the couple took a vow in front of close friends and family. 

The ceremony was held in Mar-a- Lago Club, Palm Beach FL. Lisa's has a flaunted diamond wedding ring which is a cushion-cut eternity band pattern looks amazing with it. Being a millionaire, he spends quite lavishly at his wedding. 

A wedding picture of Albert Deprisco and actress Lisa Niemi.
Image Source: Pinterest

Miscarriage and No Kids Yet

After 6 years of their happily married couple hasn't shared any children yet. As per Lisa, she had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy from her ex-husband Patrick Swayze.

Wife's Former Husband 

Although it is his first marriage to Albert whereas Niemi was previously married to the late actor, Patrick Swayze. He was an American actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter who was working in the industry since 1972.

The ex-couple had dated for a long time and decided to tie the knot in 1975. After spending, 34 years of marriage, Patrick's death separated them. Swayze died due to suffering from Pancreatic Cancer in 2009.

A photo with late husband and Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze.
Image Source: USA Today

Family Business 

DePrisco is a well-established businessman which came from his family, he purchased 'DePrisco Jewelers' from his family in 1995. 

After a very hard work of 10 years operating the store, he is the owner of the Jeweler store named "A.M DePrisco Wellesley" which is located at 571 Washington Street in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Currently, it has established two more branches. 

Social Activities 

Apart from the limelight, he is effectively active in social programs too. He almost supports the organization "Children's Trust of Massachusetts" which stands for stopping child abuse in Massachusetts. 

Also, he associates with more than 100 innovative and creative community foundations that help children in need. He has donated some jewelry for auction which helps Children's, Trust Gala. 

Social Media 

If looking at social media, Albert DePrisco is not active on social media platforms. We can see his joyful pictures from his wife Lisa's Instagram account. He mostly spends his time with his loving wife.  

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