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Albert Chang - From Cheating Rumors To His Earnings

Published Tue Feb 01 2022 By sijal
Albert Chang - From Cheating Rumors To His Earnings

Albert Chang is a musical artist popular as a film score composer and a Twitch Master. He is a mastermind of editing skills and videography as he has his own youtube channel (Albie) where he shares about different genres of music. 

Chang was born on April 17, 1979, in Taichung City, Taiwan, Japan as the son of Yoshi Chang

Early Life 

The Taiwanese-born musical artist had an interest in music from an early age.

 Albert joined violin classes when he was just a child, everyone was amazed by his musical taste and devotion to musical sounds.


Talking about the career of Science Fiction Genre Award winner, he had been always passionate about music so it's obvious for him to be in the musical field.

 Albert Chang has done many instrumental performances including orchestral and fiddle in many prestigious firms(League of Legends World Championship)2017. On his Youtube, he had uploaded many covers of famous songs and anime theme songs as well.

Albert Chang carrying his favorite Violin
Albert Chang doing a photoshoot carrying his violin. source: Instagram@thealbertchang

How much did Albert Chang earn?

The instrumental artist of the music video 'Beauty And The Beast Medley' had been earning well from his artistic devotion and social media accounts.

Albert Chang's total net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million as of 2022. He also got paid for his street instrumental performances.

Did Albert Chang have any siblings?

FAP Award winner for the Best music had one younger sister Tiffany Chang and is also a Youtuber and an influencer but had a different choice of career than her brother.

Albert Chang early age pic with his family
Albert Chang's early age pic with his sister and mother. source: Instagram@thealbertchang

Videography and Editing skills

Chang's videography is basically based on aesthetic vibes which are mostly liked by many teenagers and adults nowadays.

 In his instrumental music to make it magical, he adds his own sparkle that makes mesmerizing sounds for any listener. 

Relationship status and Affairs

Talking about the relationship status of Twitch master Albert Chang, is single and busy in his own work field.

However, he was in a relationship with an American musician and also an animator Lilypichu AKA Lily Ki but the relationship soon got ended.  

Rumors of Albert Chang cheating Lilypichu

After the certain news of the breakup of Chang and Lilypichu in 2019, the rumors about Albert cheating on Lilypichu came to the spotlight. 

The popular animator Lilypichu exposed how her boyfriend and the twitch famed Sarah Lee got together during the Japan tour which was organized by OfflineTV. By now, Lilypichu is dating Micheal Reeves who is a famous American Youtuber.  

Where is Albert Chang now?

After being popular for his tidy musical career Alberts news of cheating Lilypichu had made a stain of shame in his personality.

 Albert is currently living in Los Angeles, California, and had promised his fans to have a comeback with a piece of rocking music soon. 

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