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Meet Alana Paolucci - American Model and Former Playboy Cover Girl

Published Sun Dec 08 2019 By DGM
Meet Alana Paolucci - American Model and Former Playboy Cover Girl

Alana Paolucci is a famous American model who rose to fame after appearing as the cover girl of the Playboy magazine for the month of February back in 2017.

Paolucci was born on the 22nd of March, 1993, in the United States carrying Aries as her birth sign. Some facts about her are given below:

What's her Net Worth?

The beautiful model Alana Paolucci holds an estimated net worth of $500,000. She achieved such a massive fortune from her successful career as a fashion model and Social Media Influencer.

Completed Bachelors in Communication

Back in May 2019, the 26 years old model completed her bachelors level of education in the faculty of communication. She graduated from the University at Buffalo which is one of the best universities of New York. She took it to her social sites to post picture in order to convey the happy news to her followers wearing the academic dress and cap of the university.

A picture of Alana Paolucci with her friend at her graduation.
Alana Paolucci with her friend at her graduation.
Image Source: Instagram@alanapaolucci

Plays Tennis

Besides modeling, the Paolucci  is also very good at playing tennis. Yes, playing tennis is one of the hobbies of Alana as she very often spends time at the court practicing and having fun with her pals. The game of racket and ball has occupied certain space in her life because it is beneficial for her physically and she loves it as well.

Animal Lover

The former cover girl of Playboy magazine Alana is also an avid lover who has deep love for animals. Especially, the model is more kind and extra attracted to dogs and cats. Whenever she sees a dog or cat randomly, she immediately wills to grab and pet them. She has also shown her love for the furry creatures on her social sites by posting pictures with them.

A picture of Alana Paolucci posing with a white dog.
Alana Paolucci posing with a white dog.
Image Source: Instagram@alanapaolucci

Loves Road Trips

As we mentioned earlier that Alana loves traveling, she is fond of long road trips. She wants to admire the nature up close letting the fresh air make her feel lose all her tension while riding on road trips. As a matter of fact, she even asks her fans and followers if they have got ideas of some beautiful travel destinations.

Travel Freak

Alana Paolucci has to travel different beautiful parts of the world for their professional motive. In the same way, Paolucci also gets to travel some of the mightiest places around the globe and explore their beauty. Because of her job, she has kind of started loving travels and adventures across the world. She also goes on vacations on her own whenever she gets free time from her busy schedule.

A picture of Alana Paolucci traveling.
Alana Paolucci traveling.
Image Source: Instagram@alanapaolucci

Art Admirer

The Californian resident is also an art admirer and is obsessed with beautiful and meaning arts. She often attends art exhibitions by herself and admires the different approach of artists conveying their message through pictures. She has also uploaded numerous artistic masterpieces of other artists on her social sites.

Social Media Influencer

Alana Paolucci is also an active social media influencer as she influences people through her social media accounts. She is present on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where she uploads posts at a regular basis in order to inspire her fans about fashion, fitness, and beauty.

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