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About Aisha Morris - Stevie Wonder's Daughter With Yolanda Simons

Published Wed Jan 27 2021 By Samana
About Aisha Morris - Stevie Wonder's Daughter With Yolanda Simons

Aisha Morris is the eldest child of the 25 times Grammy winner Stevie Wonder and Yolanda Simmons. She was born on February 2, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan.

The name "Aisha" is of Arabic origin and in the language, the name translates to "alive and well". 

Huge Net Worth

Aisha Morris has a net worth of $16 million which she earned from her career as a musician.

Followed Father's Footstep

Aisha followed her father, Stevie Wonders footsteps and joined him on the musical field.

Ever since she was a child, she was really into music which made her decision to choose her career field really easy. She tours with her father and releases her own music too. 

Born to Rich Parents

Aisha had a great and luxurious childhood thanks to her being born into a rich family. 

Her father, Stevie Wonder" is a great and well-respected musician who has a net worth of $110 million, and her mother, Yolanda Simmons has a net worth of $3 million she earned from her career as an actress. 

Aisha's estranged parents Stevie and Yolanda.
Aisha's estranged parents Stevie and Yolanda.
Image Source: Getty

Parents Were Unmarried

Aisha's parents, Stevie and Yolanda started dating and eventually had Aisha. They did not tie the knot and yet did not rush their relationship. 

Then came Aisha's little brother and before he could grow up, the parents separated. They separated on good terms as they had to co-parent two kids.

Has Eight Siblings

Aisha is the elder sister to eight of her siblings out of which one is her biological brother and seven are half-siblings. Her biological brother is named Keita Morris

The rest of her half-siblings includes Sophia Morris, Mumtaz Morris, Nia Morris, Kailand Morris, Mandla Morris, and Kwame Morris. 

Close to Her Father

Being the firstborn, it is pretty obvious that Aisha is close to her father. Her father, Stevie Wonder has many times said that Aisha was what he and his music needed. Maybe Aisha was the source of love he used and started to produce music.

Aisha and her father spending quality time.
Aisha and her father spending quality time.
Image Source: Getty

Goes on Tours 

As a musician who followed her father's footsteps, Aisha is very talented. Who better than her own father to notice her talent? 

He takes her along to many tours showing her and teaching her everything he knows. His joy is in tours and he gets happy to share his joy with his firstborn. 

Has A Song Written About Her

As her birth opened up a new perspective to her father, Stevie Wonder, he climbed the ladder to his success. Not forgetting his darling daughter, thanks to whom he has gotten a lot of inspiration for his music, he has written a song for her. 

The song is titled "Isn't She Lovely" and in the track, the real recording of her first cry is added to the beginning. Footage of Stevie bathing young Aisha was recreated and added on the video too.

Is Aged Same As One Of Her Stepmom

Aisha's father, Stevie Wonder is also quite famous for having many wives. What made one of his relationship a gossip is that he married somebody of the same age as his first daughter. Aisha and her third stepmom, Tomeeka Bracy.

Social Media

Aisha Morris is completely out of the socials. She likes to live a private life and since social media is all about flaunting the good life, she stays away from it. Even though she is famous, she likes to enjoy her time of fame. 

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