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About Ahren Stringer - All Personal Details of This Metal Singer With Pictures

Published Thu Feb 18 2021 By Aashika
About Ahren Stringer - All Personal Details of This Metal Singer With Pictures

Ahren Stringer is a famous singer who got immense fame as a member of the 'Amity Affliction' band. He has also released albums like 'Misery', 'Chasing Ghosts', and 'Glory Days'. 

On 5th June 1986, he was born in Queensland, Australia. He spent his childhood in Melbourne, Victoria. The metal singer grew up with his sister, Lydia Gifford. 

Let's look at some facts about Stringer that you want to know. 

How Much Is Net Worth?

Ahren Stringer has an impressive amount of net worth $1.5 million. He earned his massive fortune from the music industry. The singer started his career in 2003 and formed the group, Gympie, with Troy Brady. 

Later, Ahren joined 'Amity Affliction' as lead vocalist and bassist. Through which he got fame and released almost 11 albums. 

Ahren Stringer with his band member of  'Amity Affliction'.
Image Source: Wall of Sound

Dating and Relationship

Ahren Stringer is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Casey Rnoble. The couple has kept their love life away from the public eye. But they usually seem to share pictures of their vacation on their social media. 

Besides it, they haven't opened up about their personal life information, when they met and fell in love. The pair are happy with each other and spends time, visiting places as they love traveling. 

A picture with the girlfriend Casey Rnoble.
Image Source: Instagram

Multiple Tattoos on His Body

'Amity Affliction' band's singer is obsessed with getting inks on his body part. His huge tattoo is of deer which is on his chest along with the thought 'Soon, We'll Be Dead' and 'To Death N We'll Be Wed'. 

On his hand, there are many AC DC tattoos, similarly, on the neck, he has got ink for his sister, Lydia Gifford. Also, the musician has numerous inks that have many stories behind them. 

Ahren Stringer's tattoos on his body.
Image Source: Pinterest

Phobia of Snakes 

He has a phobia of snakes, in an interview, Stringer told that snakes in Australia could be very toxic that they could kill a person on the spot. 

It has a story, where his friend, Joel was once attacked in his sleep by a snake, he was a minute nearer to his death, however, he was taken to the hospital at the right time. 

Interest in Arts

Aside from being a well-recognized musician, Stringer is an excellent artist. On the Instagram account, he has posted numerous paintings that he draws. His arts look like real pictures of animals, birds, and many more. Ahren's one of the time-consuming paint of Reaper pointing arrows and setting on deer along with more things. 

Controversy About Song

Stringer and his band member came into controversy. In 2013, at the Warped Tour, they sparked a sexist comment against female staff. 

Likewise, at the time of releasing the 'Chasing Ghost' album, the group have to face the problem with their cover. Where a man hanging from a tree is labeled to have committed suicide. Later, they removed it and apologized to their fans. 

Involvement in Foundation 

The singer has been associated with the ActBlue Community Bail Fund. The pay support for mutual aid fund, and racial justice organization in the United States. He endorses the T-shirts of the company which denotes their incomes. 

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