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"Life Below Zero" Adventurer Agnes Hailstone - Chip Hailstone's Wife

Published Sat Aug 14 2021 By Aashika
 "Life Below Zero" Adventurer Agnes Hailstone - Chip Hailstone's Wife

Agnes Hailstone is a television personality who has appeared in the adventure show "Life Below Zero". She is a nomad and survival expert in extreme conditions. 

On 14th June 1972, she was born in Noorvik, Alaska, United States. Hailstone completed her high school in 1990 which was home school. She is also the wife of an actor, Chip Hailstone. 

Let's dig into more things about her that people want to know. 

How Much Does Agnes Hailstone Have Net Worth?

Agnes Hailstone has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand which she earned which through her profession as a survival expert and television star. On 19th May 2019, made her first appearance in a reality show "Life Below Zero". It aired on the National Geographical Channel, which ran for 128 episodes. 

The series shows the lifestyle of the people in Alaska in harsh conditions. In the series, Hailstone showed her skills of hunting with a knife and riffle and daily routines of her in the bad weather which goes down in negative. 

Husband: Chip Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone met Edward V Hailstone aka Chip Hailstone while he visited Alaska for vacation at age of 19 in 1988. The two fell in love and Chip decided to stay there permanently. 

After having a relationship for a decade, the two decided to get married which took place in 1998. They are happily married couples for more than twenty years and are parents of five children. 

Agnes Hailstone with her husband Chip Hailstone.
Image Source: Pinterest

Previous Marriage

Before having a love life with Mr. Hailstone, she was married to a guy whose last name is Carter but his identity is under the curtain. The couple shares two children from their marriage, unfortunately, couldn't take it for long life and got a divorce. The former pair have separated their ways and had already moved on in their lives.  

Mother of Seven Children

Few people don't believe that she is the mother of seven children. Whereas two with her former husband and five with her current spouse. Her first child is Douglas Doug Carter and the second is Jon Carter who has followed their mother's footsteps and is an excellent hunter. 

Later, Agnes welcomed five daughters with Chip who are Iriqtaq, Quitan, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq Hailstones. They live as a family in Alaska and the children are focusing on their studies. Her eldest daughter has completed her high school and Mary is a captain of basketball teams in her college and wants to make a career in sports. 

A family picture of Agnes Hailstone with her spouse and their children.
Image Source: Pinterest

When Did She Begin Hunting?

At the age of 12, she was left alone to survive in Alaska when her mother abandoned her. The star has to struggle to live in cold weather. For that learned how to hunt and set traps the wild animals. She has a Mosin Nagant 3-line rifle M1819 and has an all-purpose knife which she named "Ulu". 

Owner of Camp

Hailstone is the owner of the Kavik River Camp which is an exploration camp that provides accommodation in the summer who want to experience life in the wilderness. She also helps people who have reserved a period of time in summer for underprivileged children, and those who might not be able to afford to stay at her camp. 


Every audience of "Life Below Zero" has notice four-line ink on Agnes' chin. It is a tradition of Eskimo women which indicates that they have reached maturity. Those are also a part of her culture and beliefs. 

Agnes Hailstone's tattoo on her chin. 

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