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Facts About Adrienne Bolling - Eric Bolling's Wife

Published Tue Sep 28 2021 By Kri
Facts About Adrienne Bolling - Eric Bolling's Wife

Adrienne J. Leventhal also known as Adrienne Bolling is known in the media as the wife of Eric Bolling, a political and financial commentator, writer, and host. 

She was born on 10 June 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and was raised by a catholic family. She came to the spotlight only due to her husband's popularity in the media.

Relationship With Eric

Adrienne Bolling was already in love with Eric Bolling before his popularity. They first met during their high school days as they attended the same high school. 

They met through a mutual friend. They started dating in the '90s immediately after their first meeting and dated for few years before deciding to marry each other. 

Adrienne Bolling with husband Eric Bolling
Source: Twitter/@ericbolling

The couple got married in 1997. After one year of their marriage, they had a son named Eric Chase. 

A Supportive Wife Adrienne

Adrienne's husband Eric Bolling was once accused of sexual harassment. He was accused of sending inappropriate photos to his female colleague at work. The female colleagues of Eric came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. 

Along with inappropriate photos they claimed that Eric sent inappropriate messages too. All the female staffs were all from Fox News and Fox Business. 

Through all such harsh criticisms and humiliation Adrienne remained by the side of her husband and supported him and fought against everybody accusing Eric. Bolling still is happily married to her husband Eric and is supporting each other through hard times. 

Son's Tragic Death

Adrienne Bolling had to go through many hardships and tragedies in her life. One of the saddest parts of her life is her son's tragedy. Eric Jr. at a very young age of 14 was involved in a ski accident in 2012.

The accident left a great scar in his life as he had to live with a lacerated spleen. This was a very heartbreaking moment for Adrienne as a mother.

Adrienne Bolling and Eric Bolling with their son Eric Jr.

Following the accident, in 2017 Bolling's son was found dead. The incident took place soon after the scandal about Eric's sexual harassment broke out. It is believed that their son could not handle the humiliation of his father, which led him to take his own life. According to the autopsy report, it was found that he overdosed on the drug. 

This left a very deep scar in Adrienne as well as Eric's heart. Despite all the struggle, humiliation, and tragedy they went through, the couple is going strong together, They have been there for each other and are recovering together from the loss of their one and only son. 

Net Worth

Adrienne Bolling not being a media personality as well as having no career of her revealed, together with her husband has an estimated net worth of $20 million. 

Eric was able to have such a high net worth thanks to all his hard work and dedication in his work at Fox News network.  The couple together shares their assets, wealth, and income. 

They seem to be leading a happy and modest life with all their hard work and leaving behind a sad past where they had to lose their child. 

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