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Aditi Kinkhabwala - American Sports Reporter Who is Married to Matt Wiggins

Published Tue Mar 16 2021 By riya
Aditi Kinkhabwala - American Sports Reporter Who is Married to Matt Wiggins

Aditi Kinkhabwala is an American sports reporter at NFL Network and a sports journalist who worked on NFL Total Access, GameDay first, GameDay Live, and GameDay Highlights. 

Moreover, Aditi also worked as a writer at the Wall Street Journal. Belonging to the mixed ethnicity of Indians and Americans, she represents both India and America.

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Indian American journalist Aditi was born in New York, United States of America, and grew up in New Jersey along with her parents. She was born to father Minesh Kinkhabwala and mother Aditi Kinkhabwala. 

The brilliant Journalist completed her studies at Cornell University in American Studies, receiving graduation from there.

How rich is Aditi?

Aditi Kinkhabwala has over $2 million net worth to date earned through her career as a sports reporter at NFL Network.

A sports reporter is supposed to earn $40k per annum, so she might also have an annual earning of over $40k. Apart from her work in NFL, she also contributes her time and efforts at NFL Total Access, GameDay First, GameDay Live, and many other channels.

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Previously Kinkhabwala reported sports news for San Antonio Express-News being a Journalist.

Is she single?

The NFL sports reporter is married to her American boyfriend, Matt Wiggins. After several years of dating each other, the romantic couple got engaged in 2012 and tied their marriage knot a year after their engagement in 2013.

 They married at Princeton in New Jersey and danced and had fun alongside families.

Aditi and her husband Matt in a award ceremony
Aditi and her husband Matt in an award ceremony 

Image Source: Instagram @aditinfl

 Aditi also did her wedding in an Indian style, beautifying herself with a beautiful Indian saree and applying Henna in her hand. 

 Matt Wiggins is a Sale Engineer. Two children bless the wonderful couple.  

Besides this, there is no rumor about the couple being engaged in any extramarital status.

Who are their children?

After being bound by marriage,  the couple welcomed two beautiful children together.

They were first blessed by a son named Nico Wiggins. Though his exact date of birth is not public, we can assume that he is now seven years old.

Aditi Kinhabwala's blissful family
Aditi Kinhabwala's blissful family

Image Source: Instagram @aditinfl

In 2019, the couple announced their second child's birth, a Kaya Sumira daughter, on their Instagram account.


In 2002, Aditi worked for Bergen Record in New Jersey, which was the start of her career. She reported for Rutgers football and men's and women's basketball. 

Moreover, the reporter wrote for the Yankees and Mets. Apart from this, the sports journalist also wrote for the Wall Street Journal and covered the New York Giants, including Super Bowl XLVI

Aditi Kinkhabwala hosting live news at NFL during covid19
Aditi Kinkhabwala hosting live news at NFL during covid19

Image Source: Instagram @aditinfl

Currently, Aditi works for the NFL Networks. She is a national correspondent and a reporter there. The reporter also hosts the live programs at GameDay Highlights, Around the NFL, NFL Total Access, GameDay First, and others. 

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