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Get to Know Addison Holley - Facts About This Beautiful Canadian Actress

Published Sun May 16 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Addison Holley - Facts About This Beautiful Canadian Actress

Addison Holley is a beautiful Candian actress who is in her 20's. She has been working in the filming industry from the age of six and has played many commercials as well as Tv/film roles.

The actress was born in Burlington, Canada on May 18, 2000. She was raised in the city of Ontario and graduated a year early from high school in June 2018. 

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Is Addison Holley in a Relationship?

                  Addison Holley with Nick Skippon being ready for her prom.                                      Image Source: Instagram/  (@addisonholley)

The young actress Addison Holley seems to be single at the time but she was in a relationship with Nick Skippon during her high school days. She doesn't like to show off her relationship publicly so she maintains it in a private way.

Sister- Kallan Holley

Kallan Holley is a Canadian actress who was born on May 2, 2002, and is two years younger than her sister Addison Holley. They both appeared in a commercial for Leon's Furniture at a very young age. She is known for her role in PAW Patrol & Creative Galaxy. 

Acting Career

Holley debuted her acting career when she was six by playing in theatre plays. She got the opportunity to appear in many commercials and tv roles. She has done numerous voice acting for lead roles as well as supporting roles. 

She is the voice for the lead roles of Ella in "Ella the Elephant", Anne in "Annedroids", Bianca in "Wishenpool" which is Amazon's own original series. She also played the role of Mira Sorvino's daughter in "The Red Maple Leaf".

Addison as Anne in "Anneroids".
Image Source:

Achievements and Awards

The Canadian Actress was nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in a Children Series in 2016 for her role in "Annedroids". She has also won the Action of Film Award for Outstanding Cast Performance in 2016 for "The Red Maple Leaf" and Young Artist Award in 2015 for "Anneroids".

What's her Net Worth?

Despite her young age, Addison Holley is able to have an net worth of $850,000 from her acting career. She earns a decent amount of money every year as a voice actor and from other sources as well. 

Has a Pet Dog - Ollie

                                                                                 Addison pet dog "Ollie".                                                                                    Image Source: Instagram/  (@addisonholley)

Addison loves dogs and especially her pet "Ollie". She often shares pictures of her pet dog cuddling and playing with her. She has also opened an Instagram account for her pet where she posts Ollie's cute pictures and videos.

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