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About Adam Gazzola - "Highway to Hell" Cast Who Owns a Trucking Company

Published Fri Nov 13 2020 By pratikshya
About Adam Gazzola - "Highway to Hell" Cast Who Owns a Trucking Company

Adam Gazzola is a well-known businessman and TV reality star. He is worldwide recognized as Jamie Davis who is also the co-founder of the Canadian hit show, 'Highway Thru Hell'. 

Gazzola was born on April 18, 1980, in Canada, and he was raised and completed his education in America. Even though he was not good at the study he was good at sports activities like soccer and actively participates. 

Let's know some amazing facts about Gazzola.

What's His Net Worth? 

Adam Gazzola has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has gained huge earnings through his career as a successful businessman and television star. The star has a truck and towing company business from which his annual income is approximately $300,000. 

Relationship with Lucy Austin-Davis

Gazzola is married to beautiful actress Lucy Austin-Davis who is recognized as Sherry Davis. They were together since college time and started dated for a long time. 

After their graduation, the couple got married in 2011, ever since they are happily together. His wife also works as a business partner in "Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing".

Adam Gazzola with his wife Lucy Austin-Davis and three children. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Four Children 

He is the loving father of four adorable children. The name of his children is James Jr., Brianna, Alexis, and Brandon Davis. While their date of birth information is disclosed. He is close to all four kids and often travels for a vacation. Adam shares their picture on his social media account. 

Story Behind 'Highway Thru Hell' Show 

Businessman Gazzola was a rough road driver. When he is just 15 years old, he was very fond of driving even though no driving license.  His father already knows that he will take his passion into the profession.

He started opening a workshop which maintains and designs cars and bikes. The Discovery Network approached him after executive Mark Miller was helped by Gazzola's team on Highway 5. 

The Discovery Network offered him the show "Highway Thru Hell" telecast on 14th September 2012. The show is running the 7th season successfully which became one of the top hit shows.

In the show 'Highway Thru Hell'.
Image Source: Amazon. Uk

Collection of Expensive Trucks 

Co-owner of  "Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing" has some expensive Trucks collection. He has bought Trucks R104, IR 105, IR 106, 108 4-wheels which are above 1 million worth.

Adam Gazzola truck name 'Jamie Davis'.
Image Source: Pinterest 

YouTube Channels          

Adam Gazzola is also popular on his YouTube channel. He started his channel on 12th Feb 2019 in a short period of time, he has over 83.3k Subscribers. The channel named "Jamie Davis Towing Official". He is usually uploading the video of his truck touring and talking about the truck parts. Sometimes, his wife Lucy Davis is seen in his videos as a supportive wife. 

Social Media Presence 

He is a huge fan following on his social media account. He has over 16.4k followers on Instagram and over  6.90k followers on Twitter. He also on Facebook account for 145k followers.

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