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The Interesting Story of Adam Beason - Catherine Bell's Former Husband

Published Wed Feb 09 2022 By sijal
The Interesting Story of Adam Beason - Catherine Bell's Former Husband

Adam Beason is a well-known Hollywood actor-producer and writer known for his work in the movies "The B-Ring", and "Last Man Standing"(2011) and got highlighted after his work in different TV series and movies as a screenwriter and producer.

Adam was born on August 25, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is a very family person and prefers to live his family life rather professional life. 

Early Life

 "The B-Ring" actor was born in a middle-class family which makes his life a bit tough. Though he was a passionate and hardworking person since childhood it didn't take him that long to taste success.

 For his education, he did his primary level education in a school located in his hometown area. After graduating he started to do production and screenwriting-related works.

Professional Career and Filmography

Adam's career as a managing director started after he got to produce the movie "Nowhere Girl"(2014). He then started to get offers of extraordinary films such as "Death Becomes Her"(1992), "Deceived"(2016). 

Beason had his hand in the direction in the movie "JAG Captain Rayburn" in which her former wife was an actress. As of now, Beason has become an executive in the direction and production of Tv series and movies departments.

Relationship Status

Adam Beason was once married to the famous Hollywood face Catharine Bell. This couple met back in 1992 on the set of the movie "Death Becomes Her" where Catharine was an actress and Adam was a managing director.

Adam Beason happy family photo with his ex-wife and children
Adam Beason with his former wife Catharine and children. source: @Married Biography

After several meetings on such a film set, they fell in love and dated publicly for years. They officially did their wedding vows on May 8, 1994.

Net Worth

Beason has good earnings as a professional producer and writer. Some of his movies had earned great money at the box office but several other movies couldn't reach that position of earnings.

The total estimated net worth of Adam Beason is more than $2 million dollars as of 2022. Adam charges over $700 USD dollars for producing one film or TV series.

Is Adam still a married man?

Ending the eighteen years of marriage was sure not an easy peasy decision for producer Adam and Catharine Bell. In 2011, they officially separated through divorced and moved on to their own professional life shortly after.

Adam's ex wife Catharine with her partner Brooke Daniels
Adam's former wife Catharine doing photoshoots with her partner Brooke Daniels. source:@Tuko

There was a rumor of Cathrine being Lesbian and was dating a photographer herself Brooke Daniels which led to her ending her marriage with Adam and the news was officially confirmed by both parties. 

As of now, Adam is a single man living his life privately whereas Catharine is happy with her romantic relationship with Brooke.

Did Beason have any children?

Yes, with Adam Beason's previous marriage with "The Good Witch's Destiny" the actress had together two children's Gemma Beason and Ronan Beason. His daughter is now entering her teenage phase while his son is just 10 years old now.

After the divorce, Catharine took custody of her children and had been giving enough love and support to them. 

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