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Abigail Breslin Plastic Surgery Rumors and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

Published Sun Nov 10 2019 By DGM
Abigail Breslin Plastic Surgery Rumors and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

The famous American actress, Abigail Breslin has been facing rumors that she went under the knife and had plastic surgeries on her breasts and nose. Talking about inks, she has five beautiful tattoos with special meaning inked on her body.

Breslin has always denied the rumors that she had plastic surgeries. Here is the information about her surgery speculations:

Abigail Breslin Before & After

Abigail Breslin, who has a net worth of $16 million, has transformed quite a lot when she first appeared as a 3 years old girl in advertisement vs when she appeared in the TV movie 'Dirty Dancing '. Take a look at how gracefully she has changed through all these years:

A picture of Abigail Breslin before (left) and after (right).
Abigail Breslin before (left) and after (right).

From the above picture, one may easily claim that the actress has had her breasts done because of the huge alteration in the size and shape of them. She has also been said to have her nose done via rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.

Breast Augmentation

The 23 years old actress has been facing speculations for a long time that she had her breasts increased though augmentation procedure. She was just 14 when she was first speculated that she had her breasts done. It was because of the slight change in the size of her breasts. And as she has now grown into a beautiful lady, she still has to face a lot of rumors saying she had breasts implants and all that.

From a point of view, though it may appear that there have been some serious change in Breslin's breasts size, she has always insisted that she never had any job done on her chest. She also added that the rise in her breasts's size happened as she was becoming more mature.

Nose Job

The 'Zombieland' star is also rumored to have her nose altered by using a surgeon's knife. It is because of the shocking change that her nose has if we compare her nose from when she was a teenager to one from her present days.

A picture of Abigail Breslin before (letf) and after (right).
Abigail Breslin's nose before (letf) and after (right).
Image Source: Hollywood Life

As you can see in the picture above, Abigail used to have a broader and fat or thick nose in the past. But at present, her nose appears slightly slim and pointed towards the nasal tip which has made her even more beautiful. The change can highly because of the alleged nose job she is supposed to have done.

Tattoos & Their Meaning

Talking about inks, Breslin has inked a total of five tattoos on her body which are given below along with their meaning:

A picture of Abigail Brislen's all five tattoos.
Abigail Brislen's all five tattoos.

Holocene on the Side of Left Forearm

The New York born actress has the word 'Holocene' inked on the side of her left forearm. Holocene is a word that describes the present epoch, a certain period of time in history.

'bts' on the Inside of Left Forearm

On the inside of the left forearm, Abigail has the letters 'bts' which full forms to 'break the silence'. The tattoos is focused to raise public awareness against domestic violence. She revealed the tattoo via her Instagram by posting a picture where she blurred her body and focusing on her hand where the tattoo exists.

Tattoo Inspired by Dirty Dancing

Three years back, in 2016, Breslin got a tattoo inspired by the movie 'Dirty Dancing' which she starred in. She got the writing tattoo inked which reads 'nobody puts baby in a corner'. The line actually is taken from the famous scene from the movie where Johny (actor Colt Prattes) performs the final dance with the baby.

Alien on the Upper Back

The sister of Spencer Breslin and Ryan Breslin also has an alien tattoo inked on the right side of her upper back. The tattoo is an outline of an alien which usually represents appreciation for a certain character. 

Star and Moon on Fingers

Abigail Breslin has a star and a crescent moon inked on the ring and middle finger of her right hand. The beautiful tattoo of hers represent heavens and all that is divine and also symbolizes powerful feminine overtones. 

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