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Facts About Aaron McClelland Gamble - LeBron James' brother

Published Sat Nov 02 2019 By Akki
Facts About Aaron McClelland Gamble - LeBron James' brother

The American native, Aaron McClelland Gamble is a famous celebrity family member. He is the younger half-brother of one of the greatest basketball players, LeBron James

He was born on Sunday, May 31, 1987, in Akron, Ohio, USA. His sun sign is Gemini through his birth date and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity/race.

Here are 9 facts about Gamble;

What is Aaron McClelland Gamble's Net Worth? 

Aaron McClelland Gamble has a net worth of $300,000. His fortune includes all his assets and wardrobe with fancy clothes collection and expensive accessories.

A picture of Aaron McClelland.
Aaron McClelland Gamble taking a selfie inside his house.
Image Source: Twitter@Ya_boi_AG

House in Ohio

Gamble lives in a luxurious house located in Akron, Ohio of the United States. According to the Realtor page, the price for the house in Akron is around $20,000.


Aaron Gamble is the father of the little princess. His life has been filled with joy since the day she entered into his life. The relationship between the two has been more like close friends rather than dad and daughter.


Gamble has a beautiful sister, who shares exactly the same date he was born. On May 31, 2019, he tweeted a picture of the two, wishing happy birthday to his sister.

Aaron Gamble with his sister.
Aaron Gamble taking a selfie with his sister.
Image Source: Twitter@Ya_boi_AG

Half-Sibling - LeBron James 

The American basketball player, LeBron James is an older half-brother of Aaron Gamble. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He is the son of Aaron's biological father Anthony McClelland and Gloria Marie James. He was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, USA. 

Tried to Reach out Half-Brother 

According to the Heavy reports, Gamble tried to get in contact with his half-brother LeBron in order to get financial support. At the time, Aaron's mother was dying from cancer and he didn't have enough money for her care. He was seeking to get help from his brother but James didn't respond.

Abandoned by Father 

Anthony, Aaron's father ran away leaving his mother after impregnating her. According to JockBio, Anthony wasn't interested in parenting. Anyway, he was an ex-convict with many criminal charges like; arson and theft.

Aaron Gamble taking a selfie.
Aaron Gamble posing for a selfie.
Image Source: Y'all Know What

Fitness Freak

Aaron McClelland Gamble loves spending all their leisure hours working out in the fitness center. He believes in changes that come from hardship and sweat. He looks stunning in his muscular body with six packs.

Social Media Presence 

Gamble is fully active on his social networking sites, where he has over 26.5k tweets along with 942 followers on his Twitter account. He also has an Instagram account with 207 posts and 916 fan followers but his account is private. 

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