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A Glimpse into the World of Jaclyn Stein: Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

Published Wed Feb 28 2024 By Nancy
A Glimpse into the World of Jaclyn Stein: Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

Jaclyn Stein, a Canadian-born entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and illustrator, currently resides in the United States. She is recognized not only for her professional endeavors but also as the wife of Ariel Helwani, a renowned sports reporter specializing in mixed martial arts. 

How Wealthy is Jaclyn Stein? 

Even though Jaclyn Stein hasn't disclosed her exact net worth, her thriving careers as a jewelry designer, CEO, and creative director suggest it's likely in the millions. Additionally, she co-owns Anzie Jewelry, a successful brand known for its beautiful and meaningful pieces. 

Jaclyn Stein is a Canadian-born entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and illustrator.
Jaclyn Stein is a Canadian-born entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and illustrator.
Photo Source: Instagram

Anzie Jewelry has garnered attention from top fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, and Elle, and has been adorned by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift

Meanwhile, Stein's husband Ariel Helwani is also financially successful, being one of the most renowned sports reporters globally. He has received numerous accolades, including the World MMA Award for Journalist of the Year, and has interviewed prominent fighters like Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, and Ronda Rousey.

How Anzie Jewelry Started as a Family's Fight Against Cancer and Became a Thriving Business 

Anzie Jewelry began with a heartfelt mission initiated by Jaclyn's parents, Barry and Anzie, aimed at supporting colon cancer research. Anzie, an artist known for her drawings and etchings, felt compelled to explore jewelry making after her husband Barry battled colon cancer in 1997. 

The creation of the Lifesaver Bracelet, crafted and sold by Anzie, Jaclyn, and Joanna, not only raised funds but also drew attention to the cause. Barry, Jaclyn's father, triumphed over colon cancer and now leads Colorectal Cancer Canada, a nonprofit dedicated to prevention, screening, and treatment. 

In addition to serving as the CEO of Anzie Jewelry, Barry actively supports his wife and children in their business endeavors, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to their shared cause.

Jaclyn Stein Education & Qualifications 

Jaclyn Stein studied business and jewelry design. In 1999, she graduated from Herzliah High School in Montreal, a private Jewish school known for its focus on law and business. 

Jaclyn Stein studied business and jewelry design.
Jaclyn Stein studied business and jewelry design. 
Photo Source: Instagram

After high school, Stein attended McGill University, where she earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Management from 2001 to 2004. She also attended New York's Fashion Institute of Technology to improve her skills in making jewelry. 

Jaclyn's education in both business and jewelry design has been very helpful for her success as a jewelry designer and business owner.

Who is Jaclyn Stein Married to?

Jaclyn Stein is married to Ariel Helwani, a well-known sports reporter who talks a lot about mixed martial arts. He used to work for places like MMA Fighting, Fox, and ESPN. Now, he's on TV and writes for BT Sport, The Ringer, and Spotify. 

The lovebirds first met in school when they were in grade 7, back in 1994, and quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend after they finished school. They got married on October 25, 2008. 

Even though they both have busy jobs, they've been together for more than 15 years and support each other a lot. 

Jaclyn Stein Children

Jaclyn Stein and Ariel Helwani have three kids and are really happy about their strong marriage. They have both boys and girls, with one girl named Claire Helwani and two boys named Daniel Helwani and Walter Helwani. 

These kids are a big part of their family, bringing lots of joy and love into their home. As time goes on, this family will keep loving and laughing together, making lots of special memories that will stay with them forever.

Who is Jaclyn Stein's Husband Ariel Helwani? 

Ariel Helwani is a renowned mixed martial arts (MMA) reporter originally from Canada, now residing in the United States. With a career spanning various news outlets such as MMA Fighting, Fox, and ESPN, he's become a prominent figure in MMA journalism. 

Jaclyn Stein is with her family.
Jaclyn Stein is with her family.
Photo Source: Instagram

Born on July 8, 1982, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Helwani holds citizenship in two countries. Starting his journalism journey during college, Helwani hosted a sports radio show and held positions at NBC and HBO, gaining valuable experience in the field. 

Since 2010, Ariel has consistently received the World MMA Awards for MMA Journalist of the Year, solidifying his reputation in the MMA media landscape. He further engages with audiences through his podcast, MMA Hour, and collaborates with BT Sport and The Ringer.

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