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A Glimpse into the Enchanting World of Reign Ryan Rushing: Toya Johnson's Precious Daughter

Published Wed Sep 20 2023 By emperor
A Glimpse into the Enchanting World of Reign Ryan Rushing: Toya Johnson's Precious Daughter

Reign Ryan Rushing, born on February 8, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia, is a delightful and innocent-looking American Instagram star and social media personality. She rose to fame as the younger daughter of renowned author, actress, and reality star Toya Wright and Robert Rushing, a businessman and the manager of R&B singer Faith Evans. 

Known for her adorable photos and family moments, Reign has captivated a large following on Instagram, where her account is managed by her mother. Alongside her online presence, Reign has shown a love for animals, particularly dogs, and cats, and has also embarked on exciting travel adventures.

Early Life and Family: 

Reign Ryan Rushing was born into a prominent celebrity family in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents, Toya Wright, and Robert Rushing, have established themselves in their respective fields. Robert Rushing is not only a successful businessman but also the cousin of renowned R&B singer Faith Evans. 

Reign Ryan Rushing posing for a photo shoot.
Reign Ryan Rushing posing for a photo shoot. Source: Instagram

Reign's mother, Toya Wright, is a reality star, actress, entrepreneur, and author. Reign has four siblings: Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, Reginae Carter, and Dwayne Carter III. Her older sister, Reginae Carter, is an artist known as Baby Carter in the hip-hop and R&B industry. Reign's grandfather, Jarrett Jack, was a professional basketball player.

Details On Reign Mother

Antonia Wright, commonly known as Toya Wright, is a well-known figure in various fields such as business, reality television, writing, and music. She has gained recognition as a businesswoman, reality TV personality, author, and rapper. Toya has authored a book called "Priceless Inspirations" and also penned a memoir titled "In My Own Words."

Toya, whose birth name is Toya Johnson, was born to Anita Johnson and Walter Andrews. She gained further prominence through her own reality show on BET called "Toya: A Family Affair," which aired for one season comprising 16 episodes in 2011.

Reign Ryan Rushing with her mom, posing for a photo shoot. Source: Instagram 

Of particular note is Toya's past marriage to rapper Lil Wayne. They first crossed paths when she was just 12 years old at a corner store, and they eventually became parents to a beautiful daughter named Reginae Carter, who was born on November 29, 1998. At the age of 16, Lil Wayne decided to fully pursue his rap career with Cash Money Records to support his child.

Following Lil Wayne's rise to stardom, he and Toya got married on February 14, 2004. However, their union ended after two years due to irreconcilable differences. Despite their divorce, they have maintained a strong friendship and continue to co-parent their daughter.

Will Lil And Toya Get Together Ever Again

Fans often speculate about the relationship status of Lil Wayne and his ex-wife Toya Wright. However, Toya emphasizes that they will always be each other's best friends. 

During an interview with ESSENCE, she revealed that their deep bond originates from being each other's first loves and knowing one another for most of their lives. 

Toya Wright with his ex-husband, Lil Wayne.
Toya Wright with his ex-husband, Lil Wayne. Source: Pinterest

Despite their romantic past, they have developed a strong and supportive relationship. Toya considers Wayne as family and remains by his side through thick and thin. Loyalty and friendship are the pillars of their connection, and their enduring bond as friends defines their relationship.

Has a Half Sister From Her Mother's Previous Marriage

Reign is blessed with a half-sister, Reginae Carter from her mother's previous marriage. Reginae is the daughter of renowned rapper Lil Wayne and Toya, She gained recognition as a member of the girl group OMG (Officially Miss Guided) and appeared in her father's documentary, 'The Carter'. 

Reign half sister, Reginae Carter posing for a photo shoot. Source: Pinteresthalf-sister 

Reginae has also been involved in various reality TV shows, including 'Tiny and Toya', 'Toya: A Family Affair', and 'My Super Sweet 16'. 

She launched her own clothing lines, "Reginae Carter Collection" and "Shut Up", and has been a Junior Brand Ambassador for Hairfinity. Reginae is active on Instagram with over 7.1 million followers

Physical Appearance: 

Reign Ryan Rushing stands at approximately 3 feet 5 inches (104 cm) tall and weighs around 25 kg. 

Reign Ryan Rushing posing for a photo shoot.
Reign Ryan Rushing posing for a photo shoot. Source: Instagram

She possesses captivating black hair and dark eyes that complement her innocent and cute appearance.

Instagram Success: 

Reign Ryan Rushing quickly gained a massive following on Instagram, where her account showcases her lifestyle, beautiful pictures, and family moments. While Reign's mother handles her Instagram account, Reign's charming presence has played a significant role in amassing thousands of followers who eagerly await her updates.

Currently, she has over 494k fan followers on her official Instagram handle, @reign_beaux. She will touch the 500k mark really soon.

Love for Animals: 

Reign Ryan Rushing has exhibited a genuine affection for animals, particularly dogs, and cats. Her love for these furry companions shines through her social media posts, where she often shares heartwarming moments with her pets. 

This affectionate bond with animals showcases Reign's compassionate nature and adds to her overall charm.

Travel Adventures: 

Despite her young age, Reign has had the opportunity to explore various scenic destinations around the world. From Russia to Italy, London to Paris, Reign has embarked on exciting travel adventures with her family.

Through her travel experiences, Reign has become exposed to diverse cultures and landscapes, enriching her understanding of the world.

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